Malaysia Casino Welcome Bonus

There are thousands of online casinos in Malaysia alone, and for seasoned gamblers, the true face of any online casinos in Malaysia or any other country is the welcome bonus.

A good casino makes sure that the player gets something valuable - something that will allow them to have a long and exciting gaming session.

On this page, find the best casino bonuses in Malaysia to play online. Whether it’s a deposit or a no deposit bonus, I’m sure you’ll love them all!

First thing’s first

The most important question is always, “If I win, will I get paid?” No welcome bonus is worth it if the casino won’t pay you. That’s why we think the best approach is to research the casinos themselves first. You only need to spend a minute or two in our online casino reviews page to get a good idea of whether a site is reputable or not. Remember: a bonus can only be as good as the casino that’s offering it.

Pro: Getting more action

The one thing that all bonuses are guaranteed to do is give you more time on the games. There’s simply no better way to stretch out your bankroll. This is especially true with welcome bonuses, which are usually the largest ones available from a casino. Having more in your bankroll is just better all around!

Con: The dreaded wagering requirement

Casinos can’t afford to just give money away to new players. That’s why virtually all of them impose wagering requirements on their bonuses. For instance, if a RN20 bonus has a 30x wagering requirement, you’ll need to make RM600 in bets before you can cash out.
You always run a small risk of having to keep playing even when you want to quit

Ideally, a casino will set a wagering requirement that will keep you playing for as long as you would have without a bonus. If the bonus is particularly large, a higher wagering requirement is justified. But no matter what, you always run a small risk of having to keep playing even when you want to quit.

Con: Win limits

A lot of welcome bonuses have no restriction on how much you can win. But if you’re dealing with bonuses of 300% or more, or if the bonus is free, you’ll probably be limited with just how lucky you can get. For some players, having to root AGAINST winning the jackpot can make these bonuses more frustrating than exciting.

Pro: Potential to turn a losing streak into a win

We’ve all been there. You bet and bet and bet, and before you know it, your bankroll is down to nothing. Sometimes luck just isn’t in the cards.
You can come out on top even though you would have lost without the bonus

But when you have a welcome bonus, the odds of this happening to you are much lower. That’s because the bonus can function as a sort of “cushion” against zeroing out. The result? You can come out on top even though you would have lost without the bonus.

As we’ve seen, the welcome bonus is offered by pretty much every operator to entice you to join their casino. But after benefiting from this one time deal, what incentive is there for you to keep playing, rather than moving to another operator to claim another welcome bonus? This is where promotions come in to play. Operators want to keep their players happy and retain their custom, and therefore offer a variety of perks and special offers for existing players to benefit from. These can include all manner of things, such as slots tournaments, prize draws and extra deposit rewards.

Welcome bonus or not? You decide!

No matter what, you should always be in control of whether you want a welcome bonus from an online casino. Many sites will automatically claim the bonus when you make your first deposit; others require you to enter a promo code first. When in doubt, ask Deluxe77’s livechat support team before depositing.